Personal Trainer & Nutritionist in Manchester


I strive to deliver a complete and specific Personal Training service. Throughout my career, I have trained with some of the world’s elite Fitness and Performance Coaches, and studied some of the most recognised qualifications available. This has given me an understanding of a wide variety of techniques and methods, which have allowed me to achieve the highest level of results with my clients.



My approach to training centers around one word, improvement. Every time you train, you should be in fierce competition with the you from yesterday.

Whether your goal is to become faster, fitter, stronger, leaner, more flexible, less injury prone or improve a current condition, I strive to improve on what the client has already achieved.

The assessments undertaken prior to beginning the first session, will allow me to understand the full physical condition of the client. I can then tailor specific training to achieve optimal results.

Variety is an essential part of training. One particular workout may contain as many as 10 different training method. Throughout my experience, I have developed a style using the most effective training methods to keep the client motivated as well as achieving results.



Eating habits are one of the hardest aspects to change.

Nowadays, with people’s busy lifestyles, the ever growing abundance of convenience foods, a successful nutritional transformation is one of the most difficult to achieve.

Through experience, I have learnt giving clients a completely new diet is extremely difficult to follow.

The change is so drastic from their current diet and what food is available to them.

Following a food intolerance test and Bio-Signature screening, based on the results, an optimal diet will be designed for the client. The client will be asked to complete a full 7 day diet diary.

From the results, small alterations will be made to give the client an improved diet that is manageable given the resources and facilities available to them. Further changes to the diet will be made every 4 weeks, until ultimately the optimal diet is reached.



Detailed monthly client feedback reports are an essential part of my service. They ensure there is no hiding place or cut corners. It also shows areas of strength and weakness to ensure habits and training can be rectified accordingly.

The report consists of a full bio-signature screening, to highlight movement in body fat levels throughout the body.

Full body site measurements are taken, to indicate volume change in this area. Movement screen testing is also undertaken to highlight injury, muscle tension or imbalance.

Strength testing reports from the previous month’s training will highlight month on month improvements. Heart rate and blood pressure analysis to highlight increased cardiovascular fitness.

Full photographs to highlight the visual change over the 4 weeks.

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